Retreat Host, Jai Pierre Raven

Jeneé 'Jai' Pierre Raven is the Self-Love Advocate unapologetically creating sacred spaces for women to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. Her purpose is to inspire the lives of women by sharing her story and creating a platform for other inspiring stories to be shared.  Now, through The Woman’s Earth® movement, she teaches that happiness is a journey - your journey to self-love.


Dear Self-Love Queens,

I am so excited to host the 2nd Annual Self-Love Retreat in Tobago November 1-6. The theme this year is 'Adjust Your Crown'. I used this theme for my birthday celebration last year where I gathered with my tribe and sisters to celebrate another year of life, love and sisterhood. Well, days before my celebration was to take place, a catastrophic hurricane, Harvey, hit my city causing flooding and dear friends of mine losing their homes across Houston. I saw my city come together to help each other and it was the most emotional and empowering energy to be in.  I decided to move forward with my celebration and created space where we could be empowered and comforted.  I received a call the day before my birthday and day of my celebration that the restaurant double booked my event. Yikes! The manager said he would put me in a different room. Oh boy...

When I arrived to the restaurant on my birthday, I saw my celebration was in their ballroom adorned with golden linen. It was much more than I was supposed to get. But, see that's how God works. When you walk in your purpose you always get more than what you  planned for. The afternoon was amazing. My sisters and I prayed together, we were lead in song, spoken word and the food was delicious. My husband baked and designed a beautiful cake and 'crown' themed cookies as party favors for my guests. It was a refreshing energy to share in the midst of a storm. And, then two months later, I hosted my first Self-Love Retreat and the experience was life changing and blew my mind. 

As I think about the storms of life that come, I can now reflect on the time women gathered literally in the midst of a storm to adjust our crowns and be reminded of our purpose and our power to manifest our dreams. This is my prayer for all who attend the 2nd Annual Self-Love Retreat. While we provide invaluable information and tools to create, enhance and elevate your self-love journey and self-care regimen, we plan to blow your minds.

I am looking forward to retreating with all of you, Sisters!

Love and Light,



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