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Gut Instinct -Balancing Your Primary Foods

Do you know what your Primary Foods are?
Primary Foods are things that feed you off the plate they include career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality. If these areas in your life are not balanced they play a big role in how you eat, what you eat and why you make particular food choices.
Attendees will be offered a FREE Health Consultation ($100.00 Value).
Three topics that will be covered during the workshop will be;
1. Understanding Cravings - Your Soul Connection
2. Integrative Nutrition
3. Living an 80/20 Lifestyle
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Nicole Peele is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lifestyle and Wellness Expert, and the Founder of Nicole Pelee Wellness. An Army Veteran who has suffered from digestive health issues most of her adult life, due to poor food choices, complete imblance in her Primary Foods, and a fear of change. Nicole's mission is to connect with, educate, support and coach professional women who are feeling the effects of poor food choices such as brain fog, low energy, exhaustion, stress, constipation, and the endless search for the perfect body. Helping women change their relationship with food will allow them to create a healthy lifestyle, love their body and follow their gut instinct.

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