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Light Workers: Contemplation & Conversation


You set the intention, we light the path.

Light Workers is a gathering with an intention to create a sacred loving space for healing. Through facilitation by healers and an open platform for attendees to ask deeper questions and receive answers that lead to a more fulfilling life, it is our intention to normalize the conversation about healing, spirituality and self-care. You will be given tools that you can incorporate immediately into your daily life, rituals that lead to higher living and light for your path!

If you’ve been wondering: 
What is my purpose in life?
What does God want me to do?
Who/What is God? 
Why am I “here”? 
How do I expand spiritually?
How can I make it through challenging experiences? 
Is self-care really a priority? 
Why am I hearing so much about self-love lately? 
What’s the difference between prayer and meditation anyway?
How can I heal? 

Then this Lightworkers gathering is for you.

Join the Total Woman, Charease Davis with other healers in the community and abroad as they create space for new levels of awareness that will renew your view and expand your thought process while creating experiences that inspire. 

Guest Healers

Tia Norman: Pastor @ Awakenings Movement
+ Financial Expert

Quiana LaRae: Writer + Self-Care Advocate

Live Q and A

All are welcome.

*** Seating is limited ***