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Manifesting Love In Your Life Self-Love Weekend Retreat


Manifesting Love In Your Life Self-Love Weekend Retreat

What You Expect From Your Retreat!

· A Weekend Full of “Aha” Moments Around Love & Relationships

· Women Creating A New Y©U To Find Their New Boo

· Learning To Give and Receive Love Again - Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desire

· Maximizing All Self Love Options to Manifest The Love You Truly Deserve

Retreat Tips:

· Don’t Let 2019 End Without Finding Love Again

· Mending All Hearts – Creating A New Y©U!

· You Deserve It All…..Love Always Wins!!!

· “Hearts Were Meant To Connect Together, Not Break & Fall Apart”

· “You Only Have One Heart Beat, Make It Connect To Love”

About the host…

Benita Ledet is a woman with a Heart of Gold. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Benita earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Cornerstone University and an MBA from University of Houston. She has worked in Corporate America for over 27 years. Her passion is to help encourage and motivate women with Self-Love. She is known as the “Heart Healer” because she believes everyone deserves to be loved and be healed through love from any situation.

Benita has been mentoring and encouraging women for over 25 years. It is her heart’s desire to see every woman win. Benita is a God-fearing woman that stands on God’s word. Benita walks by faith and not by sight. She is a wife of 20 years and has 1 amazing son and 3 amazing bonus children and grandchildren. She is the owner and creator of A Unique Heart and has developed a product called “Love in A Box” to let the world know that no one has to go through any traumatic situation alone. She wants you to know “Somebody Loves You Baby” and “Love Always Wins”.