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Mother-Daughter Weekend Retreat


Mother-Daughter Weekend Retreat
♥️Retreat Description
The mother-daughter connection is such a sacred and powerful one and sometimes along this journey we need new tools or perhaps just a new beautiful physical space to reconnect (or in some cases connect) with each other as women. This retreat is for adult daughters (21 years of age and older) and mothers who are interested in establishing, strengthening, improving and/or celebrating their relationship.

♥️Expectations of Mother-Daughter Retreat
🔹️For daughters to learn more about their personal story
🔹️For mothers and daughters to establish, develop and/or strengthen their 'adult woman' relationship
🔹️To learn how to establish and/or re-establish a sacred mother-daughter space

♥️What Comes with Registration
🔹️All meals for the entire weekend prepared by an in-house chef.
🔹️Private quarters for each mother-daughter duo.
🔹️Safe, intimate space (total of 6 women participants)
🔹️Curated Mother-Daughter Love Grows sessions
🔹️All materials for sessions
🔹️Sunday Closing ceremony (transportation provided) in Galveston at the beach facilitated by Jai Raven of The Woman's Earth

♥️What is the cost of the weekend retreat?
🔹️$485 per person
♥️Are payment plans available?

The Self-Love Retreat is a sacred self-love space curated by Jai Pierre Raven, the founder of The Woman's Earth. The Retreat provides informational workshops and self-care tools, fun activities and spiritual guidance while being surrounded by a supportive tribe of sisters.

🌳Facilitator's Bio

Simply put, Misha is a gardener, she grows love. Misha N. Granado, MPH, MS is a Certified Relationship Therapist, Speaker, Author and Owner of Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants, a boutique firms that speaks, writes and brings love into existence via interactive workshops, discussions, editorials, books and therapy sessions.

Misha obtained graduate degrees and training in Community Psychology and Behavioral Health and has over 16 years experience working with a diverse population. She is a Fulbright scholar, former university professor, group therapy facilitator with adolescent and teenage girls in an academic setting and therapist working with families and children.

At Love Grows we do not subscribe to a particular religious doctrine, instead we believe love and healthy relationships are universal concepts. Our clients are singles, romantic partnerships (voted best in premarital counseling by Texas brides), mothers-daughters in addition to same-sex couples.