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The Structured Pause: A Holistic Woman's Renewal Weekend Retreat


The Noir Bella Project has existed for three years to create a safe space for women to heal. We heal the bonds of sisterhood, we heal negative thoughts, we identify patterns of behavior and thought, and we express our success. At the weekend retreat, we will focus on healing from a holistic standpoint. We will participate in experiences that revive the mind, body, soul, and spirit. We will pray, laugh, cry, journal, and release. This is sure to be a Noir Bella experience that you DO NOT want to miss. "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." (2 Corinthians 3:17) We will walk in the freedom that is ours by birthright.

The Structured Pause: A Holistic Woman's Renewal Weekend Retreat
Exclusive Perks:
*Custom Journal and Noir Bella Project Journal Guide
*Aromatherapy & Relaxation Techniques
*Intercession and Reflection
More to come!

The Self-Love Retreat is a sacred self-love space curated by Jai Pierre Raven, the founder of The Woman's Earth. The Retreat provides informational workshops and self-care tools, fun activities and spiritual guidance while being surrounded by a supportive tribe of sisters.


About the facilitator...

Who is Andonnia?

Andonnia is a woman who loves Christ, Growth, and Art.

She is a woman who loves seeing all women win.

She is a woman who believes in love and the healing that it provides. She is a woman who believes that you have to put YOUR mask on first, so that you can assist everyone else with theirs.

Andonnia is a woman who has had to march against the wind, fight the invisible resistance of poor choices and negative thinking, and bounce back so many times…it became a weird dance.

Andonnia is a speaker, because out of her story flows a message to other women.

 Out the poetry of adolescent inquiry and a life that behind closed doors that seemed like a constant hyperbole, birthed a mission to be transparent. It’s through that transparency, that she seeks to share her heart and victory in order to encourage and inform the victories of other women.

 A Port Arthur native, Andonnia’s parents Jenene (Benito) Gonzales and Jonathan Wagner pushed her to pursue excellence at an early age. She is a walking anomaly; her family was blessed to raise her up in a village that loved her. One of the pillars of her village is her uncle and Godfather Dwight Wagner. There were labels that Andonnia pushed through at an early age. Although she qualified for free and reduced lunch, she started school at age three and three years later earned the distinction of gifted and talented. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class in high school, earned a BBA from Sam Houston State University, and a Master of Arts degree from Texas Southern University (TSU). Defying yet another hurdle, she entered the Doctorate of Education in Counseling Education program at TSU in January of 2013.  Those things are only stated to remind those who have been labeled, criticized, alienated, misunderstood, misguided, or other wise delayed… your latter is greater!

 Andonnia has been given a beautiful opportunity to create an Art and Calligraphy Fusion company called Annlettered. She also serves at her church home – Image Church in Cypress, TX.

 She has been blessed to speak, and create conferences under her own name. He life’s purpose is to serve, serve her community, family, and the Kingdom at large.  She isn’t an expert at life, but she is an expert at experience. Andonnia humbly submits her story, wisdom, and knowledge to each woman she is to encounter. She prays the experience changes you forever, because it certainly changes her.


Earlier Event: June 15