Self-Love Retreat Tribe Girl Talk

Hey ladies! The Self-Love Retreat: Redefining The Super Woman is almost here! I had the pleasure to talk with my Tribe, a group of AMAZING women who will be helping me facilitate  November 3-5, 2017 in Galveston, Texas. We are giving you a peak into what you can expect from the Retreat and sharing our self-love journey with you.

Every detail is being customized and designed for your release, restoration, renewal and relaxation of your mind, body, and spirit. Each Sister who is presenting is a powerhouse in her own right and is planning on bringing you an experience of a lifetime! You do not want to miss this life changing weekend! 

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Love & Light,
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‼️Early Bird Registration Deadline Friday, September 1st!

🔹Weekend Accommodations in a beautiful Beachfront House with decking, ocean views, hammocks and so much more!
🔹All Meals prepared by our Personal Chef
🔹Signature Retreat Bags
🔹Signature Retreat Journals
🔹Self-Love Tool Kit
🔹Yoga Session
🔹Meditation & Movement Session
🔹AfroBeats Dance Fitness
🔹Party On The Beach
🔹Sacred Sisterhood to Last a Lifetime 💯 


Summer Self-Love Challenge Winner & BIG SURPRISE!!

And the winner is....

I love surprising a great way that I am confident they will appreciate! Towards the beginning of the summer I launched my Six-Week Summer Self-Love Challenge at The Woman's Earth. The ladies had to attend the weekly AfroBeats classes and commit to self-care - what I call self-love in action! :)

The winner pretty much knew she won because while she was really close to another Sister in the class, she was the only one that came to every class - very impressive! Well, I advertised the winner would receive one of my signature Self-Love Tool Kits that consists of self-care goodies and treats and my signature dress from The Woman's Earth. What the winner did not know was that she was going to win a ticket to the SELF-LOVE RETREAT!! Woohoo!!

Well, last night was the big night! We had our AfroBeats class - the last class of the challenge and Happy Hour right after to celebrate and announce the winner!  Our winner was super surprised and it was a beautiful thing to witness and experience. Shout out to The Luvin Oven for the delicious pastry spread! Yessss! 

Congratulations again Yvette on your win and commitment to Self-love and Self-care!

Love and Light,

Jai #selfloveadvocate


Learn about how to join us for the Self-Love Retreat: Redefining The Super Woman here:

The Noir Bella Project Effect

I facilitate a sacred space for healing and advocate for self-love and self-care. It's a challenge sometimes to do this for myself. On June 24, 2017, I made a commitment to attend an experience for Women. I cried, laughed, released and restored. 

I met Andonnia at Sam Houston State University. She says that she looked up to me and I always supported her. You never really know the impact you may have on others until years later. Andonnia and I reconnected when she came to the launch Real Women. Real Stories. Real Support at my Studio. I started to follow her and her work. She truly inspires me through her commitment to the healing of our community. She is an educator, PHd student, budding therapist and an artist with beautiful work. A woman with many gifts and a heart of rose gold.  When I saw she was launching her women's empowerment movement, the Noir Bella Project, I was all ears and eyes waiting for more details. 

The event was beautiful and there were moments when there was not a dry eye in the room. Here is a short video capture and my reflecting takeaways below. Enjoy! :)

Prayer Is Important - We opened with prayer and closed with prayer. It set the intentions of the event, reinforced the sacredness of the space and reminded each of us, we are not alone. The Sister that prayed for us did not know all of us (she did not know me), however, I felt her sincerity as if her words were flowing from my Grandmother's lips.

Remember The Details - As soon as I walked in to the room, I no longer felt like I was in a hotel. I felt like I was in a sanctuary built for Goddesses...and I was. Andonnia pulled the right ladies together to help her manifest her vision. The theme color was ivory, pink and champagne. The program was printed to perfection. The centerpieces were soft and glamorous at the same time. Our coffee and tea stations were set up with every pallet in mind with a range of flavors. The food was delicious placed in a buffet manner on the side of room so we could flow at our convenience. The head table where the panelists sat looked like the head table of a royal wedding party. 

Everyone Loves Custom - Each of us received a  bag with goodies with our name hand printed on them. Our name hand printed. I carry my bag regularly. It's perfect. (see photo below).

Women Support Other Women - There are many misconceptions about women being catty and unable to genuinely support other women. Well, this event was planned with the whole idea of bringing a panel of women who were very real with sharing their stories and offering feedback just for the purpose of supporting all who attended. Not to mention, Andonnia easily could have facilitated a workshop solo and we would have left empowered, however, she brought together a tribe of women to facilitate the sacred space with her, thus exposing all of us to them and what they have to offer. We do support each other. This is a personal mission of mine so it is always refreshing to be in these spaces.

God bless my Sis Andonnia and her ministry. May her reach extend beyond her imagination through the Noir Bella Project.

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Count It All Joy! 6.28.17

Hey Family!

It may not come when you want it to, but it will be right on time in divine order. Things may not seem to be going the way you want them to. You may be feeling the overshadowing of fear and self-doubt. You may feel insecure about your body. You may feel burnt out and exhausted. You may not be feeling anything in particular and lacking motivation.

But, wait.

Grab hold of yourself - literally hug yourself and affirm everything is working in divine order and for my benefit (a favorite mantra of mine).

Express gratitude for everything present and good in your life. Your health, your right mind, your family, your sisterhood, your partner, your VISION.

Nurture your Vision in the present - Your Vision alone is your love letter from God. It is what God put on your heart and in your mind to define your purpose. You are not supposed to know all the answers straight outta the womb! Then, what would be the point of living? Of evolving? Of loving? Of failing? Of learning? Of overcoming? It is all a part of the process! And, so you use your Vision to have your talks with God (prayer), to solely listen to God (meditation) and to help someone else who may be experiencing what you have already grown through (testimony).

Let Patience flow - Trust the process. If your Vision is present, your journey is sacred and protected. Sometimes it is not about 'what else now?', sometimes it just about 'what's present now?'. It is okay to be still, master where you stand and wait for the next picture in your Vision to appear. You are your best compass when you trust what God has already divinely ordered for you.

"My (Sisters), count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." (Holy Bible James 1:2-8)

Love and Light,

The Woman's Earth Turns 4 Years 6.9.17

January 2013 my trip to Africa and being initiated as a Priestess changed my life and my world. After I resigned from my corporate position in 2013, I took a trip to Florida to have some "Girl Time" and get some divine wisdom from my mentor sisters - best thing I could have done while I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with came back inspired and motivated when my Big Sisters were EXCITED about my ideas and new venture. I came home refreshed and started writing the material for The Woman's Earth. My then best male friend who is now my husband, was my accountability partner to meditate and pray daily setting my intentions on what I desired. I really had no idea what would come of it all...I was just trusting the process. How things come around full circle. I am full of gratitude. Year 5 going to be ELEVATING. I thank my ENTIRE community for supporting my vision and all of the women and their families who have found a sacred space at The Woman's Earth.

Love and Light,

Jai #selfloveadvocate

I celebrated having a private dinner with members and friends of The Woman's Earth on our Anniversary date, June 9, 2017.

The Launch 12.31.16

Real Women.Real Stories. Real Support launched December 31, 2016 where I spoke with Jackie Adams, Owner of Melodrama Boutique in the sacred self-love space for healing, The Woman's Earth both located in Houston, Texas. Jackie shared her powerful story where a room full of amazing women listened, laughed, cried and healed. Enjoy and welcome to this safe and sacred space created for us and by us - REAL WOMEN!

My Reflection
Every aspect of the launch was in divine order. I created an 'event' on Facebook, sent out newsletters, text messages and told my close girlfriends about the creation of my video blog. I chose a New Year's Eve brunch because I thought how great to have a brunch and women's empowerment to be a part of your new year celebrations as we are all reflecting on 2016 and setting intentions for 2017. 2016 for many of us was very....heavy. A friend passed away and his transition shook the Third Ward community *RIP ZIN* and my beloved Grandparents died 2 days a part from each other which shook my universe....all three of these transitions occurred in January. As the 'old folks' say these things come in three's. I give thanks for my Ancestors.

It rained that morning and through the beginning of the event which I received as  cleansing for the new year. That, however, did not stop the guests to show up for this sold out event.

My linesister, Shante' came early to do our makeup and that of the models who would be modeling clothing from Melodrama Boutique as we planned a mini fashion walk for my guests. When Jackie arrived, her energy was contagious as she reminded me how much of a celebration this really was. I saw Jackie for the first time behind the scenes and in less than an hour she styled 4 models and even styled one model's hair who came with a wig and walked with her natural tendrils looking fierce. So I was learning more about Jackie right up to the moment of the show.

The energy was right. Everything felt so good.

Plus, I was looking forward to my husband's cooking because he and and my brother in love slay in the kitchen so I knew the catering would be on point. Our guests enjoyed waffles and chicken, shrimp and grits, eggs and potato hash and a cake my husband designed. Everyone gave their approval - the food was delicious. And, the magic happened when we officially sat down, had her bites, and launched right into our conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as we all did that beautiful New Year's Eve!

Love & Light,