Together we can shed debt weight!  


This month we shed debt weight!  Being healthy does not have to be expensive, there are many cost saving strategies that you can use to lower your out of pocket cost and ultimately keep more of your money in the bank.   At the core, it is all about finding those small ways to nourish our body daily and you do not have to break the bank to do it.  Start with these simple strategies to stay on track with your health and wellness goals.  


  1. PLAN! - Plan a self-care schedule for your week and include your meals and snacks, exercise, and self-care ideas for the week. 


Taking time to consider your approach for the week is a great way to stay on track with intentional choices.  When you create a plan of action for your self-care activities you are able to avoid overspending from spontaneous purchases.


  1. RECREATE! Make a healthy version of your favorite recipe 

We often associate healthy eating with unpleasant taste.  When finding meal options is a common challenge, try taking your favorite dish and swapping out ingredients to make healthy eating choices.  For example, swap whole milk to reduced milk, sugar for honey,  or whole fat cheese for low fat cheese.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun bringing a new twist to one of your favorites.  


  1.  REVAMP! Ditch the gym membership and workout at home or outdoors in your neighborhood.  


Bring a fresh new approach to your exercise routine by stepping outdoors.  The crisp air and change of scenery can really add a new exciting feel to your exercise regimen.  You can also stay indoors with your favorite exercise or dance video and have a blast!  


  1. FREE your mind with Mindfulness! 

Mindfulness is about being present.  Carve out at least 60 seconds for a mindful activity. Examples: Take a notice walk and intentionally look for things you have never seen before, practice deep breathing, practice mindful eating, listen to your favorite song, observe nature. 

Remember, health is wealth and just as every cent counts in your journey to saving, so goes your journey to your best health, every little step counts.