Happy Wellness Wednesday Beauties!

Yesterday we found at that the national quarantine has been extended. For many of you, this may be causing so many different emotions, everything from joy and relief to anxiety & depression. April is Stress Awareness month so I will be sharing various ways we can combat stress and its impact on our emotions.

Although, this time of uncertainty is difficult for all of us, I wanted to encourage you and share some tips on how we can get through this physically and mentally well, TOGETHER.

5 Ways to Become a Productive Introvert

1. Create a gratitude journal. Every morning or evening, think about three things that are good right now. Make sure to choose three different things daily. Before you know it you will realize how blessed you are.

2. Declutter your space. Studies show that clearing and cleaning up to your space, brings about more mental clarity. Thank you to one of our community members, Temeca, for sharing this awesome 30 day decluttering checklist:

3. Update your Linked In/Resume. This too shall pass! Many of us have been saying we need to get around to this and now is the perfect time so that when you are ready to start your job search again or go for that next promotion

4. Learn something new. So many colleges, universities and organizations have free courses right now.  If you've been putting off that certification or license, this is a great time to knock it out. Some that you can check out are Brendon Burchard (Wellness Course), General Assembly, Cornell, SkillShare and Lynda. Let me know if you need additional or specific resources.

5. Boost your Immune System. There are so many ways to boost your immune system, including exercise, rest, eating whole foods, and my favorite.... aromatherapy (essential oils). Join me & my team member tomorrow night for a free online webinar on using essential oils to improve your immune system and to disinfect your home.