Dear Mama’s,

Your wellness matters, as a matter of fact it is essential!  This month we want you to be intentional about caring for your well-being, and some of our leading professionals share just how.

  • Tip: Find a moment in each day to participate in something that rejuvenates you. Don't feel guilty about that time it is not being is self-care. Your mind, body and soul need fuel to run effectively just like your car needs fuel. Don't wait until you're almost empty..fill her up when needed. -Jenise, Doula
  • Tip: Don’t feel bad about saying “No.” - Kendra, Doula & Dancer
  • Tip: Make self care a part of your routine now. You deserve it,  no need to  wait till it’s “needed” -Teresa
  • Tip: Make sure you are moving your body every single day, preferably, in the morning.  Incorporate high-vibe music to boost your mood. Being intentional about moving our bodies helps to override the way trauma can immobilize us.  It allows for all the heavier emotions that are weighing us down to move out of our bodies.  It doesn’t have to be any hard-core activities either. A brisk walk, gentle yoga, and even dancing can all make a difference.  -Eliza Boquin, MA, LMFT Licensed Psychotherapist, Owner, Founder of The Flow & Ease Healing Center
  • Tip: it is absolutely ok to need some ‘me time’ and allow the father, grandmother or nanny to take care of the baby while you do what you need to do. I recommend communicating with your partner/ tribe to see who can take care of the little one(s) while you recharge. Everyone will be so grateful because it will shift your mood and make you a better person/mother. Visit to get a free 21 day self-care guide on my site as well. -Mia,
    Self-Care/Financial Coach
  • Tip: Nourish your body with nature.  Spend time outdoors, drink warm water with lime, caffeine free herbal teas, or blend your favorite smoothie daily.  When possible, incorporate herbal remedies to support you.  The next time you are feeling nausea try ginger tea, feeling fatigued try chamomile tea.  Feel at ease by opening up the conversation with your doctor to ensure you are following your personal restrictions.  -Kamilah McShine-Gregory, Health & Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher