It’s May!

Spring has been in effect and is springing; flowers are BLOOMING and the sun is SHINING (when it’s not raining heavily). May is also set aside as the month for Mothers. Holi Mamma loves the mothers so it’s only apropos that we come with some great Mother’s day gift ideas: we understand that many of us aren’t able to see our Mothers due to the current travel restrictions, or celebrate in the ways that we are accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t honor our Mothers or the Mother figures around us! Even with current ‘restrictions’ we have plenty of resources literally at our fingertips- and by resources I mean delivery services! Yes, Favor, UberEats, DoorDash, Shipt, InstaCart, YOU NAME IT! USPS, FedEx, and UPS are still operating during this time! Some of us have been shopping online while sheltering in place as well; while you shop for you, shop for her and have the gift delivered to her home. Still can’t go out for a Mother’s Day brunch? Have a dish delivered from her favorite restaurant! If you don’t use delivery services like UberEats, restaurants are offering curbside pickup- this is a great alternative and an outing worth taking. Remember all the things that we can still have delivered/ pickup even during this time: groceries, flowers, cakes, cards, etc.  Have children at home? Create homemade Mother’s Day cards! Matter of fact, dig deep and go back to those elementary crafts we did for Mother’s Day- have a craft day with your children (great homeschooling project btw) and create crafts for the Mothers/Elders in your family and drop them in the mail. If you have a tech-savvy mom send a virtual card: create a video and email it to her- there are so many video editing apps and platforms to send and stream video right from the comfort of our own PHONES. If your Mother has already transitioned you can STILL honor her earthside. Since we are homeschooling this semester, this is a GREAT moment to honor your mother and other elders as well by teaching and passing on her legacy! How about a week-long history lecture; do a matrilineal family tree! Go through old photos, tell old stories, pass on a recipe- the possibilities are E N D L E S S. There’s no better way to invoke a sense of pride and identity in our children than by teaching them their history, because when we teach our children their history we teach them about themselves! What better way to honor a mother who has crossed over than to introduce her to her offspring who may have never had the chance to meet her here. This is a season of shifting so let’s PIVOT; take advantage of the abundance we’ve overlooked and be resourceful!

Speaking of homeschooling….

Sisters how y’all feel? We all can attest to the fact that no one ever thought we would all be homeschooling- but here we are 🥴 We have doulas on board who are not only knowledgeable in pregnancy and birth, but are also veteran homeschooling mommies! What do you want to see from Holi Mamma? We love hearing from our mothers, regardless if your children are 20 months or 20 years 💙 Feel free to connect with us in the portal and let us know what you want us to discuss during our Virtual T.A.I Circle: Homeschooler’s Edition. Join us on the 4th Saturday of this month (May 23rd, 1-2pm) as we debrief and reflect on this past school semester. How to connect with us?- you can find many of our birth professionals in The Woman's Earth business directory (for our Tribe Sisters, we may also be able to help you in our Virtual Bingo 😉).

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