February 1 marked the first event of 2020 for The Women's Earth. And what an event it was! TWE's Business Development Committee alongside the group's visionary leader, Jai Pierre Raven, joined efforts to curate an amazing brunch experience, which hosted over 40 women.

On this crisp winter morning, the positive energy was palpable. This undeniable energy was undergirded by a sense of sisterhood and common purpose. We were all there to gleem knowledge...knowledge that we were determined to translate into action. 

The ladies began to arrive at Davis Street at Hermann Park where we were immediately greeted with Mimosas. Davis Street is a black-owned, 5 star dining experience, which is the epitome of high-class decadence. There were passed appetizers, delicious spreads and signature dishes, such as Chef Holley's famous shrimp and grits. We enjoyed every morsel. In short, the ambiance was the perfect backdrop for this event. 

The Shedding Debt Weight Brunch was the perfect opportunity for attendees to think beyond their vision board to create a plan of action-- a game plan on precisely how to accomplish their financial goals. 

Crystal McNack and Jai Raven served as moderators for the day and had the pleasure of introducing Erselette Lincoln of EB Tax and Financial Services, Ciara Jarmon of Entheos and  Realinc, Siam Maxie of Centergy One, Eboni Harris, Sex and Relationship Therapist, closing out the panel with Virginia Crosley, VP of Community Relations.  

Each of these speakers provided special insight on topics such as budgeting, building an emergency fund, 1st time home buying, unconventional lending options for the self-employed, financial infidelity, and securing funds for starting a minority business. Following the presentation, each speaker made themselves available for questions and personal consultations.

It was truly a pleasure to witness this level of knowledge sharing amongst the sisterhood. The Women's Earth was excited to host such an impactful session and is looking forward to creating the next meaningful event that is sure to propel its members further into their greatness.