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About the Self-Love Retreat

The Self-Love Retreat is a sacred self-love space curated by Jai Pierre Raven, the founder of The Woman's Earth. The Retreat provides informational workshops and self-care tools, fun activities and spiritual guidance while being surrounded by a supportive tribe of sisters. Jai takes her sister Queens to beautiful and exotic spaces around the world to adjust their crowns and bring their self-worth and purpose back into focus for an empowering and enlightening experience. Whether you are traveling solo or attending with your Girls, the Self-Love Retreat is an unforgettable experience curated just for you!

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2018 Self-Love Retreat: Tobago

“Where to begin. I’ll start by saying that I have never actually been to The Woman’s Earth in Houston but I can say the love these women exude extends far beyond their state borders. I met over 50 women at the Self Love Retreat in Tobago this past November. I traveled alone from the East Coast and met 50 strangers in Tropical paradise who would soon become my Houston Sistas! From the moment I met them they welcomed me with a hug! And more and more hugs! Lol I felt so loved from day one. These women are so dynamic and powerful in their own spaces I am so honored to be associated with all of them! Each one brings their own special “sauce” to The Woman’s Earth which is why it’s so special. Women empowering women, lifting one another up, supporting each other and encouraging one another my heart is so full!! Jai, you have done a wonderful job of bringing all of these women together in a space where they are loved and accepted for who they are and what they bring to the table. Although I am in New Jersey they make sure I am able to participate virtually in the chats and discussions which is awesome. I am excited to see what’s in store for The Woman’s Earth, I know more positive things are yet to come!” - Andy, 2018 Retreat Participant

2017 Self-Love Retreat: Galveston, Texas

“When I went to the first retreat in 2017, I went to take some time away to relax and have fun but I found so much more! I found a sisterhood where women (like me) were taught how to heal from the past and chart their future by taking care of themselves FIRST. I had lived with pain and anger for so long that it had become normal. I just kept going with this day after day, year after year! I was never told that I could release this pain and be HEALED, be WHOLE again. The Woman’s Earth showed me how to release this pain so I could live UNAPOLOGETICALLY!! Now I’m living my best life!!! I deserve it! I owe it to myself, my family and my ancestors (my grandmother, great grandmother, great-great grandmother & those mothers that never touched American soil) to be happy!!! I will always support The Woman’s Earth! Come see what this sisterhood is all about.” - Teresa, 2017 Retreat Participant