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2019 Self-Love Weekend Retreats: Houston

The Self-Love Retreat is a sacred self-love space curated by Jai Pierre Raven, the founder of The Woman's Earth. The Retreat provides informational workshops and self-care tools, fun activities and spiritual guidance while being surrounded by a supportive tribe of sisters. 

Weekend retreats are held at a sacred and private location in Houston, Texas and includes: one year membership to The Woman's Earth, accommodations, fresh and delicious meals, speakers, workshop materials, giveaways, beach ceremony, round-trip transportation to beach and a lifelong sisterhood.

The Retreat Weekend begins Friday at 8:00pm and ends Sunday at 12:00pm.

Self-Love Weekend Retreat Schedule: Houston 

May 30th-June 2nd Emoetry Edition hosted by Kanita Hilliard Turner
Healed People Helping Heal People through Spoken Word & Poetry

June 21st-June 23rd Noir Bella Edition hosted by Andonnia Maiben
The Structured Pause: A Holistic Woman's Renewal

July 19th-July 21st Love Grows Edition hosted by Misha N. Granado, MPH, MS
Growing Love: Deepening Connections for Mothers and Daughters

August 23rd-25th Boss & Balanced Edition hosted by Kamilah McShine-Gregory
Mindfulness, Holistic Living & Healthy Entrepreneurship

September 6th-September 8th Fashion & Wellness Edition hosted by Miri Crawfard
Total Transformation by Session

September 20th-22nd Love In A Box Edition hosted by Benita Ledet
Healing Thoughts to Heal Hearts: Manifesting Love In Your Life

Cost: $485 per guest per weekend (payment plans available)

As each Retreat is designed to be intimate, there are limited spaces per weekend.

~beautifully curated by The Woman's Earth~



  • General Membership in The Woman’s Earth

  • Accommodations at a beautiful and private location in Houston, Texas

  • Delicious Meals throughout your stay*

  • Signature Retreat Shirts

  • Signature Retreat Journals

  • Empowering Sessions & Materials

  • Tools on how to build self-care as a lifestyle through forgiveness, womb wellness, empowering self-talk, authoring the life you want to live, and so much more!

  • Guided Meditation

  • Beach Ceremony

  • Ground transportation to and from Beach

  • Sunday Brunch

  • Sacred Sisterhood to Last a Life Time

 *Retreats begin Friday at 8:00pm and end Sunday at 12:00pm and our guests will be served dinner Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and a brunch on Sunday.


There will not be refunds issued for the Self-Love Retreat, however, if you are unable to attend the event, you may transfer your registration to another participant. This option may not be available if deposits have been paid. Transfers must be completed at least 7 days before the first day of the Retreat.


We do not anticipate the event being canceled, however, if it is canceled you will have the choice to receive a full refund or use the money paid towards the rescheduled retreat date.


About Our Hosts

The 2019 Self-Love Weekend Retreats are hosted by our first Retreat Host Sister Cohort. Our Retreat Hosts are gifted teachers who have demonstrated expertise in their fields and are passionate about facilitating healing for women. Prior to hosting her Retreat, the Retreat Host prepares diligently for the Retreat experience for each of her guests working closely with the Retreat Curator and Founder of The Woman’s Earth, Jai Pierre Raven. M


Kanita Hilliard-Turner

Kanita R. Hilliard-Turner has been writing and performing poetry for well over 20 years. She has also hosted a plethora of open mic & spoken word events throughout the City of Houston. Her sultry voice and spoken-word talent has been recorded collaborating with various R&B as well as national jazz recording artists. Kanita has also made special guest appearances as her poetic stage name, Emoetry Speaks, in various stage-play productions and has written and recorded poetry for a specific character in a motion film. Her love & passion for the art form is strong. She is constantly providing a stage and an atmosphere to where artists can freely express themselves as well as critique their craft. Kanita is published author and is currently working on her 2nd book.


Andonnia Maiben

Who is Andonnia?

Andonnia is a woman who loves Christ, Growth, and Art.

She is a woman who loves seeing all women win.

She is a woman who believes in love and the healing that it provides. She is a woman who believes that you have to put YOUR mask on first, so that you can assist everyone else with theirs. Andonnia is a woman who has had to march against the wind, fight the invisible resistance of poor choices and negative thinking, and bounce back so many times…it became a weird dance. Andonnia is a speaker, because out of her story flows a message to other women. Out the poetry of adolescent inquiry and a life that behind closed doors that seemed like a constant hyperbole, birthed a mission to be transparent. It’s through that transparency, that she seeks to share her heart and victory in order to encourage and inform the victories of other women. A Port Arthur native, Andonnia’s parents Jenene (Benito) Gonzales and Jonathan Wagner pushed her to pursue excellence at an early age. She is a walking anomaly; her family was blessed to raise her up in a village that loved her. One of the pillars of her village is her uncle and Godfather Dwight Wagner. There were labels that Andonnia pushed through at an early age. Although she qualified for free and reduced lunch, she started school at age three and three years later earned the distinction of gifted and talented. She graduated in the top ten percent of her class in high school, earned a BBA from Sam Houston State University, and a Master of Arts degree from Texas Southern University (TSU). Defying yet another hurdle, she entered the Doctorate of Education in Counseling Education program at TSU in January of 2013. Those things are only stated to remind those who have been labeled, criticized, alienated, misunderstood, misguided, or other wise delayed… your latter is greater! Andonnia has been given a beautiful opportunity to create an Art and Calligraphy Fusion company called Annlettered. She also serves at her church home – Image Church in Cypress, TX. She has been blessed to speak, and create conferences under her own name. He life’s purpose is to serve, serve her community, family, and the Kingdom at large. She isn’t an expert at life, but she is an expert at experience. Andonnia humbly submits her story, wisdom, and knowledge to each woman she is to encounter. She prays the experience changes you forever, because it certainly changes her.


Misha Granado

Simply put, Misha is a gardener, she grows love. Misha N. Granado, MPH, MS is a Certified Relationship Therapist, Speaker, Author and Owner of Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants, a boutique firms that speaks, writes and brings love into existence via interactive workshops, discussions, editorials, books and therapy sessions.

Misha obtained graduate degrees and training in Community Psychology and Behavioral Health and has over 16 years experience working with a diverse population. She is a Fulbright scholar, former university professor, group therapy facilitator with adolescent and teenage girls in an academic setting and therapist working with families and children.

At Love Grows we do not subscribe to a particular religious doctrine, instead we believe love and healthy relationships are universal concepts. Our clients are singles, romantic partnerships (voted best in premarital counseling by Texas brides), mothers-daughters in addition to same-sex couples.


Kamilah McShine-McGregory

Kamilah McShine-Gregory aka KAM is a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Advocate and Educator who focuses on curating and creating sacred spaces for individuals to own, define and engage in their well-being practice through Holistic Wellness, Yoga, mindfulness, movement, and conscious living. Kamilah’s wellness philosophy is based on a balanced lifestyle, deeply rooted in self- love, self-awareness and authentic exploration of the mind, body, and spirit.

A quest with Kamilah involves a TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY towards BALANCE in MINDSET & LIFESTYLE.
KAM believes that EVERYONE is worthy of the knowledge and consciousness to feed their mind, body, and soul with all it needs to build a prosperous Kingdom as the Kings & Queens we all are. "Create your own. Believe it. Speak it. Achieve it. Live.”


Miri Crawford

A boutique owner is more than just pretty clothes, shoes and purses. It is creating a sacred space for women to feel comfortable and confident in who they are while they choose from a selection of clothing that best fits their personality and style. It is choosing transitional pieces to accommodate any woman’s busy schedule.” The woman who keeps it "Classy" but still handles business like a "Boss" - that is who we are at Session Boutique. We cater to your styling needs and help you to choose those specific clothing pieces that speak to YOU and illuminate your energy like never before.


Benita Ledet

Benita Ledet is a woman with a Heart of Gold. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Benita earned her Bachelor of

Arts in Theology from Cornerstone University and an MBA from University of Houston. She has worked in Corporate America for over 27 years. Her passion is to help encourage and motivate women with Self-Love. She is known as the “Heart Healer” because she believes everyone deserves to be loved and be healed through love from any situation.

Benita has been mentoring and encouraging women for over 25 years. It is her heart’s desire to see every woman win. Benita is a God-fearing woman that stands on God’s word. Benita walks by faith and not by sight. She is a wife of 20 years and has 1 amazing son and 3 amazing bonus children and grandchildren. She is the owner and creator of A Unique Heart and has developed a product called “Love in A Box” to let the world know that no one has to go through any traumatic situation alone. She wants you to know “Somebody Loves You Baby” and “Love Always Wins”.