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Self-Love Retreat 2018: Adjust Your Crown

Trinidad & Tobago
November 1-6, 2018

The 2018 Self-Love Retreat: Adjust Your Crown was mind blowing. God is so good. ✨Everything and I mean everything I prayed for manifested and so so so much more. I say this and I know this TRUTH however hosting my second Self-Love Retreat has SHOWED me there is absolutely nothing that cannot be accomplished that God puts on your heart and in your mind. Period. My sister Queens were ready, beautiful and divine. And, we DID Tobago while we learned, released, received, connected, healed, danced, ate deliciousness, laughed, cried, sailed, glamp’d, loved, did yoga, supported, hugged, kissed, and took flight into our purpose while being treated like the ROYALTY we are. The POWER is in all of us. May we ALL allow it to guide us. So much to share and reflect on.



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My heart is so full. ✨ I’m so grateful for the vulnerability I was able to share with my sister Queens as we convened as a sacred circle. Self-love is a journey. It’s not always an easy thing to do (self-care) so being able to be supported and encouraged while learning, having fun and diving into a new culture is LIFE. I’m looking forward to sharing why I chose Tobago, special moments with my sisters and personal enlightenments from my 2nd Self-Love Retreat. Sending Tobago so much love and light. 🇹🇹❤️


Crown Adjusted. Warrior Ready.

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Why I chose Tobago?

I love Tobago.

I’ve been asked how I select my destinations for my Retreats. It’s a holistic decision. What feels good to my (spirit), the results of my research (mind), and the outcome of my personal experience at the destination (body).

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island country that is the southernmost nation of the West Indies in the Caribbean. The twins are separated by a 20 min plane ride and you may also travel by ferry.

There are several reasons why I chose Tobago for my first international Retreat. After attending a wedding last year I fell in love with the island of about 60,000 residents. I’m already a Caribbean girl at heart so the delicious and flavorful food were a win - roti, doubles, curry, and macaroni pie are some of my favorites and everything is so fresh! I offer AfroBeats at my wellness studio back in Houston and all of the music played on the island and local radio shows from traditional reggae, soca, AfroBeats were all too familiar and kept my hips moving.

My interactions with the beautiful people of Tobago during a second visit is what solidified my decision, I had to get used to the thick accents and the fast Tobagonian talk (english-based creole) but I found mothers, sisters, aunts and other women in my life in their smiles and words. There was always an encouraging and uplifting Word from my sisters and brothers in Tobago.

The beautiful beaches, unique excursions, extraordinary views, and this magical feeling in the atmosphere I experienced was something I knew I had to share with my sister Queens.

I’m actively planning my next Retreat (stay tuned) but I can definitely confirm Tobago will be one of my official destinations for future Retreats. I love Tobago and Tobago loves me. ❤️🇹🇹

Self-Love Retreat 2017:

Redefining the Superwoman

Bolivar Peninsula, Texas
November 6 to 8, 2017

“My Sisters committed to attending the Inaugural Self-Love Retreat without knowing the agenda. When you trust the process, your successes outweigh your sacrifices. The magic we created that weekend cannot be put into words but we are all trying our best for ya’ll. 

Take a good look, these are my powerful and beautiful Sisters. My Tribe. And, while the naked eye can’t see, you must know that our Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmothers stand with us....always.”



photos: urban love tree | videography: marc furi | songress in video: nikki berry music


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