Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings are a way to gain insight into unanswered questions and feelings so you make clear and confident decisions about your life path steps.

As an Intuitive and initiated Yoruba Priestess with a Christian foundation, I utilize numerology and divination to assist my clients with general questions regarding their purpose and guidance on specific situations that may arise in their lives.

My clients are diverse in their spiritual practices as my Readings are universal and does not require you to be of a specific religion. In other words, all are welcome in love.

I may also prescribe ritual work to initiate a positive change of energy. I do not participate in any work that is negative or ill intended as I walk in Iwa Pele (good character).

There are 2 options for receiving Readings:

1) ‘In-Person’ and more extensive Readings and are conducted at my Wellness Studio in Houston, Texas or we can utilize Video Conferencing. I encourage my clients to either journal or record their Readings for future reference.

2) ‘Virtual’ Readings conducted and delivered via voicemail so my clients may reference them throughout their month.

It is always an honor to create a safe and sacred space for my sister Queens as they seek elevation and spiritual direction. Ase.

Love and Light,

Iya Ominike Adesanye (Jai Pierre Raven)