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The Woman’s Earth is a special and sacred Sisterhood that we share with phenomenal women who are passionate, hard working and loving. I didn't imagine that my home studio I opened in the Greater Third Ward area of Houston, Texas in 2013 would blossom into a Tribe of women who are unapologetic about their business and about their healing. I always wanted to be a business owner and I desired for my business to be rooted in purpose. Event planning and connecting with people are my gifts that I am grateful to God for and with each experience that I get to share them I am humbled by the impact it has on others and myself. I've grown and I've healed areas in my life because I have had the honor of serving my sisters and my community through The Woman's Earth.

I started The Woman's Earth when I began my personal self-love journey. As an ambitious corporate professional, it was challenging for me when I hit a glass ceiling - it upset me and it wore me out. Before self-care was a buzz word - I knew that's what I needed. So, I took a break from the corporate world and created a space for women to come and participate in self-care activities all in the spirit and energy of self-love because how we nurture our minds, bodies and spirits affects every aspect of our lives and journey. But, that takes work, focus and commitment when you’re working in corporate arenas, running businesses and/or serving organizations.

I wanted to create a space that was sacred and safe where women on the move can learn, evolve and heal while being supported and having fun! Now, that The Woman's Earth has grown and expanded, I have the honor of curating sacred spaces on and off-line where I teach and where I learn. The holistic benefits are amazing and the sisterhood gained is powerful.

Love & Light,

Jeneé Christell Pierre

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Featured Event: Wellness Day Party

Enjoy Music, Yoga, Dance, Vendors and more!
Celebrating The Woman’s Earth 8th Anniversary. Join us for a beautiful experience to connect and renew as we celebrate 8 years of Sisterhood and Healing. Meet us at the Wellness Day Party June 5th in the heart of 3rd Ward!
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Spinal Perceptions Chiropractic and Wellness

Family wellness chiropractic clinic providing wellness care for infants, children, prenatal, adults and seniors.

Marquetta Giles
Wellness - Body
Get Centered Counseling & Consultants, LLC.

"Dr. Angela Jones provides psychotherapy to individuals experiencing feelings of physical and emotional disconnection. Additionally, she’s well versed in the areas of relationship and sexual concerns, more specifically, problematic sexual behaviors, and sexual identity."

Angela Jones
Wellness - Mind
Untouched Focus Virtual Solutions

Untouched Focus Virtual Solutions is committed to inspiring, empowering, and supporting the growth of small business for women and minorities to form positive local and social change. Helping you streamline and optimize your business, so that you can focus and grow.

Ke Parker-Bradford
Support Services + Graphic Design
F. Renee Hamilton

Books, T-shirts and canvas prints are some of the items I provide. I also lead writing workshops and I am available for speaking engagements.

Fallon Hamilton
Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants

We are a boutique firm focused on helping you cultivate and nurture healthy relationships in all areas of your life, including with self. We do this in three main ways: Bringing Love into Existence (therapy - individuals, couples and family), Speaking Love into Existence (workshops, keynotes, panels, etc) and Writing Love into Existence (articles, books, journals, etc.).

Misha Granado
Wellness - Mind
The Woman's Earth

The Woman’s Earth® movement, curates sacred and safe spaces to facilitate healing, fun and transformative experiences in the spirit of sisterhood. Her love for travel and learning about different cultures is the reason she chooses exotic destinations to host her self-love retreats.women are the source and foundation for healthy communities and when we elevate and heal women, we in turn heal their wombs and the nations that birth from them

Jeneé Christell Pierre
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