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“There are several reasons why I chose Tobago for my first international Retreat. I’m already a Caribbean girl at heart so the delicious and flavorful food were a win and everything is so fresh! All of the music played on the island and local radio shows from traditional reggae, soca, AfroBeats kept my hips moving. My interactions with the beautiful people of Tobago is what solidified my decision, I had to get used to the thick accents and the fast Tobagonian talk (english-based creole) but I found mothers, sisters, aunts and other women in my life in their smiles. There was always an encouraging and uplifting message from my sisters and brothers in Tobago. The beautiful beaches, unique excursions, extraordinary views, and this magical feeling in the atmosphere I experienced was something I knew I had to share with my sister Queens!”

- Jai Pierre


Attended 2018 and 2019 Self-Love Retreats

I am forever grateful that I was able to attend the Self-Love Retreat. It was an amazing, empowering, and sacred experience. The retreat workshops and activities facilitated healing, growth, self-care, and sisterhood. This retreat enabled us to release what was holding us back from truly being our best selves. My mind, body, heart, and soul were refreshed, renewed, and nourished from this experience. I developed an unbreakable and lasting sisterhood that will last a lifetime. There is nothing but love, peace, and joy being in the presence of my sisters. We stood in the middle of the ocean together on our journey, and we can do anything! The Woman's Earth is a wonderful community of women that love on you, encourage you, pray for you, and pour into your life.  Jai Pierre Raven has created a safe and welcoming space for women to be empowered and fulfilled physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally."

- Chishinga Callender


Attended 2018 and 2019 Self-Love Retreats

"The Woman's Earth is a sacred space and community and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing women who deeply support each other towards healing mind, body, and spirit. The 2018 Self- Love Retreat was magical!!!!! The retreat inspired authentic experiences of culture, sisterhood, self-love, healing, releasing, and growth. These experiences have truly nurtured my soul and I am forever grateful for the healing Jai Pierre Raven facilitated. Beyond the retreats, The Woman's Earth is my favorite place to breathe and sooth my spirit. I am always uplifted when I enter the space or presence of my fellow tribe sisters. I enjoy the yoga, meditation, and dance classes at the studio and the spa services are amazing. I find myself leaving on cloud 9 every time!"

- Kamilah McShine-Gregory


Attended 2018 Self-Love Retreat

"When Jai first announced the retreat was going to be in Trindad/Tobago, I knew I had to be there! months leading up to the trip I was praying asking God to purge me and renew me. My trip to Tobago with The Woman's Earth was more than I could have ever dreamed it would be, it was truly a spiritual alignment!! God allowed Mother Nature to have her way with me in the ocean! I was able to release alot of energies that I was holding onto. I met some amazing woman that became true sister friends! And I stood in the middle of the ocean and soaked in all the goodness of my creators beautiful creation! I truly can do anything (Phillipians 4:13)!!! It's been three months since I have been back from Tobago and I see things I prayed about before the trip and after the trip manifesting!! I live and love with more intention!! And I know, my life is on the path that God set for me a long time ago. I absolutely love Jai (my sister from another mister) and I am so grateful that God has allowed her dreams and heart desires to pour out to bless other woman. its amazing when women from all around, from all walks of life can come together and just be free and be themselves...with no judgement! That's what The Woman's Earth does for me! I love it!" - Tameka Jones


Attended 2017 and 2018 Self-Love Retreats

When I went to the first retreat in 2017, I went to take some time away to relax and have fun but I found so much more! I found a sisterhood where women (like me) were taught how to heal from the past and chart their future by taking care of themselves FIRST. I had lived with pain and anger for so long that it had become normal. I just kept going with this day after day, year after year! I was never told that I could release this pain and be HEALED, be WHOLE again. The Woman’s Earth showed me how to release this pain so I could live UNAPOLOGETICALLY!! Now I’m living my best life!!! I deserve it! I owe it to myself, my family and my ancestors (my grandmother, great grandmother, great-great grandmother & those mothers that never touched American soil) to be happy!!! I will always support The Woman’s Earth! Come see what this sisterhood is all about.”

- Teresa Densen

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